Films influencing literature

I’m a big movie fan and when I’m looking for a movie to watch, if I discover anything relating to outsiders/loneliness/underdogs, that sort of thing, then I’m all over it. The Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki is a prime example, as well as Jim Jarmusch, though I feel appalled to say that I haven’t seen any of the latter’s movies. I really need the JJ boxset on bluray…



Anyhow, back to Kaurismaki. I’ve seen two movies by the guy, Shadows in Paradise, and The Match Factory Girl, which some consider his masterpiece. I feel like writing about the former though. It brings together two very unglamorous people, a garbage man, and a check-out clerk at a supermarket, who meet and fall in love. Nikander is a painfully shy guy [I can relate] with few friends [in fact his only friend has just died from a heart attack] when he meets Ilona who’s just as awkward as he is. The dry humor that permeates this movie is just great. I think it’s typical amongst Finns.


Another great director who deals with such themes as these is the Turkish filmmaker Nuri Bilge Ceylan, his film Uzak is fantastic.


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