Kyneton part 2

The woman told Kyneton cabs her address, and I’d only have to wait 5 to 10 minutes for my taxi. While I waited, I had a brief but delightful chat with the lady who was vying with pirate waitress for the crown of nicest human ever. I told her me and my family had just moved to Bendigo this February, and I was i terested in checking oht some of the towns nearby, such as Kyneton.

One of the reasons being, the wonderful restaurants on offer in some of these places. She then mentioned Daylesford, and a particular Japanese restaurant that was supposed to be wonderful. She wasn’t sure of the name, but I knew the one she spoke of; I’d been reading about it the night before. And it did look fantastic. The one that most caught my eye, however, was the Lakehouse, which not only offered a first class dining experience, but they had luxury spas and accomodation, too. I’m seriously thinking of staying there next month as a sort of birthday present…

We had some problems with the taxi, however, while waiting outside I noticed a cab drive around the shop, then past us, which left me perplexed. Then the woman realized sbe’d given the taxi service the wrong address; she’d told them 64 when in fact it was 44 Piper St. So the wait for a cab went on…

I didn’t hold it against the woman though. Easy mistake to make, and it’s difficult to hold anything against the person who may possibly be the nicest person ever.

The taxi came and the driver was rather indignant in a good humored way, asking me why I didn’t signal him when he circled around the shop in the first place. Well, ah… d’oh. Feeling a bit silly, we set out for the train station, along the way the man honked his horn at a woman crossing the street, not because she had a big ass, but because of her carelessness.

I suspected my mother would worry, as I’d never been to Kyneton before and didn’t know my way around, so before getting on the train, I called her and reassured her that I was fine, I was at the Kyneton train station, about to make my way home.

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