Dining solo

I’ve got a few weeks off TAFE so I’ve taken the opportunity to travel up to Melbourne a few times to dine at some of the amazing restaurants at the Crown Entertainment Complex.

Due to lacking the necessary friends, I would be dining solo, though this didn’t really bother me. I was just excited about the culinary delights I was about to sample – the first restaurant I was headed to, Nobu, was supposed to be one of the best Japanese restaurants in the world, with another branch open in New York. I wonder how that restaurant differs from its Melbourne equivalent.

Incidentally, I’ve read some articles about solo dining, and the encouraging part about it is it seems to be on an upward trend.

I’m pretty hopeless with directions but thankfully even for myself, locating Crown from Southern Cross Station is very easy.

When I told the woman at Nobu I’d be dining alone, she did pause, which judging from those solo diner accounts that I’ve read, is quite a common occurrence. Still she led me to a section of the restaurant, kind of hidden away in a corner. I was actually thankful. I’m pretty shy and the place was very busy when I got there.

It wasn’t easy choosing what to eat from the menu, there were so many delicious options… but this is what I got, anyhow:

This amazing looking dish is their new style sashimi with Tasmanian salmon.


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