Dining solo cont.

Since Nobu, I’ve continued my solo dining exploits. I really enjoy the train trip up from Bendigo, it doesn’t tire me out really. A lot of my focus has been on what the Crown Entertainment Complex has to offer, I suppose it reassures me that it’s so easy to find from Southern Cross – years ago I got lost in the city and I felt like I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown… it’s my worst nightmare to be lost without my anti-rejection medication, so often I’ll pack them in my backpack, just in case anything goes wrong. What that just in case is, I have no idea, but it soothes my nerves to have them there, and that’s the whole point, really.

Back to the solo dining, and after Nobu, I checked out Koko’s, which is Nobu’s Japanese rival at the Crown Complex. Koko opened before Nobu, but Nobu’s is definitely the star attraction nowadays. But I actually enjoyed my time at Koko’s fractionally more at Koko’s than I did at Nobu. For starters, I absolutely loved my drink, Choya Umeshu, a plum wine that’s so sweet and rich in flavor, it was so gorgeous, once I got home to Bendigo, I bought a bottle for myself from Dan Murphy’s. I need to get some ice for maximum enjoyment, though.

As far as food goes, I chose the Taste the Sakura set menu. This is what was brought out:

Well, there’s the plum wine. Looks like honey in a glass. So yummy. Had two glasses, was almost tempted for a third…

I forget exactly what this consisted of, but the texture was amazing. I’ll have to check their menu for details.

Sushi was delicious of course. The thing is though, considering I’m paying more for it than at my local sushi place, I wouldn’t say it tastes so much better, really.

This was my fave dish from the set. My memory is terrible so I’ll have to consult the menu for details about the dish in question, but it was so tender.

The main, wagyu with a side of rice and miso soup. Unfortunately I got full so I couldn’t finish it or have the dessert either 😦 lol


My next solo dining adventure was to be at Chin Chin’s. I knew it was in Flinders Lane, but I forgot which number, so I wasn’t sure how far I’d have to walk through the lane to reach the restaurant. It turned out being quite a trek, at least it seemed that way for me – couple kilometer walk from Southern Cross station, and some of those streets have a real nasty incline to boot. At one point I went inside an ugg boot store and asked the women there if I was on the right track, as I was worried that I’d somehow missed the restaurant, but thankfully I just had to keep heading straight for a couple more blocks.

Once at Chin Chin, I lined up behind a few couples, and I was apprehensive as they had to wait for a table. But huzzah, the wonders of dining solo – I was immediately ushered over to the bar. It was a bit cramped there, unfortunately, a few times I had to stand and squeeze myself in with my stool to let people through, bit awkward.

For drinks I ordered Zelia Rose, which was very nice – I’m doing a search, trying to find a description, but all I get in searches is some burlesque dancer. But Zelia was very cool and refreshing. The drink I mean. I have a lousy sense of humour.


My main meal was pad seuw of braised wagyu beef, and I liked it quite a lot, especially the soup/broth, but there was an aroma in the dish that reminded me strongly of some of the Vietnamese dishes I’ve tried, and I’m not a fan of that cuisine. I thought it had some lemongrass in it, but checking the ingredients, there’s no lemongrass.


That meal was quite filling, but not feeling completely satisfied with my Chin Chin experience as yet, I wanted to order something else. I opted for their chicken and shiitake spring rolls.

As I waited the woman who let me in at the entrance came over and spoke quietly to the young man working at the bar, and told him “I know you’re working extremely hard, but you forgot some margaritas for some V.I.P.S”…

As for the spring rolls, they were quite good, but again, I’ve had better… that day the best part of my trip up to Melbourne was having a look through Hosier Lane.


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