Catching up with my brother

When my family moved up here to Bendigo, it was just me and my parents. My brother is rooming with a Polish fellow in Melbourne, as he enjoys living there, and importantly, he’s got a job there. I do keep in touch with him via Messenger, but it was so great to catch up with him these past two days, as for many years we basically saw each other day after day. Here’s what we got up to the past couple days.

On Swanston Street there’s this neat underground bar I’d read about for some time, called Joomak, which serves Korean food and drinks. I haven’t had much of that cuisine, and the reviews were good, especially regarding their peach rice wine – so I suggested to David that we check it out. We met up at Flinders Street Station. I arrived quite early at Southern Cross, and having some time to kill, I opted to walk from that station to Flinders, and when I told David this, I thought he seemed quite impressed with my trek. I walked partly through Spencer st, then cut through Flinders lane until I reached Swanston, and from there headed towards the station. I noticed some differences in the area, like a McDonalds had been torn down, and David explained it was due to the train station they were going to construct. Of course. I’d forgotten about that. Waiting at Flinders for David, I mostly looked at this man holding a “free hugs” sign. Some ignored him, others were open to his embrace. What was interesting, as time passed, his entourage grew, by the time I left with my brother, there were about three people in total holding free hug signs. I never stepped up to them and accepted a hug, though. I actually felt kind of lonely, seeing all those people bold enough to receive hugs, while I was too timid. I was sure when my brother arrived, he would easily accept a free hug, but that didn’t come to pass. The walk from Flinders station to Joomak was longer than I thought. I felt quite tired, but not too bad, I think I’ve lost some weight recently, I’ve been doing lots of walking recently, and this was surely a help in keeping up with my brother, who is supremely fit. We chatted about this and that as we made our way through the CBD. Joomak has a reputation of being difficult to locate, but David had no such hassles. We descended the stairs, David asked if a table for two was available, and unfortunately… there wasn’t. We’d have to sit at the bar, which was fine, really. I was worried at first because David perused the menu and it seemed like he wasn’t overly impressed with what he saw. At first he just mentioned the cheese sticks which is like a snack or a side, but it would be a shame if he couldn’t find anything more substantial than that. On my part, I ordered BBQ beef ribs, LA Style, and their famous Peach Rice Wine. David ended up ordering a pork dish, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Actually we enjoyed all our meals. I was just getting concerned about my ribs, as they were taking a while to arrive; David had been eating for some time (I’d given my consent), and I was worried they’d forgotten my order, but just as I expressed my concern to David, along came the ribs. The meat was very succulent and delicious overall. I guess the star of the show was the rice wine, though. You ladle it into a cup and…. enjoy! Me and David shared it, there was plenty. You can hardly tell there’s alcohol in it, goes down so easily.

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