Birthday weekend

On Saturday it was my 32nd birthday. For every special occasion, my brother chances to visit me and my parents from Melbourne, but this time he was bringing a dear friend of his, Rob. We assured him it was fine that he stayed with us, though I admit I was a bit nervous about meeting him.

I always have these feelings when I’m about to meet a new person. I’m a total slob around the house, so I’d have to mask my slobbyness while he was over as my true self would be too embarrassing for anyone not used to it.

I was speaking to Pam, a lady I’m planning on having lunch with next Wednesday, and I was saying how I’m not the biggest fan of birthdays. I feel like there’s a pressure to enjoy myself more than I usually would, as it’s a ‘special’ day, but I feel more relaxed when days are just normal and regular, like today, Monday, and as usual, I’ve got TAFE later this afternoon.

But Rob was a fantastic guy, and it was great meeting him. And he has fantastic taste in animé, I must say. When we were driving to Mason’s, he asked me if I preferred Rei or Asuka from Evangelion, and I guess I prefer the more reserved Rei, though she’s kind of freaky. It was just strange talking to someone who was a fan of Serial Experiments Lain, that blew me away.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many pics of our lunch at Mason’s, compared to when I’m dining solo, I just never felt settled enough to focus on eating and taking pics. But the food was great. There was a lot of it, though. I got full and the last few dishes, I couldn’t really join in.

My aunty Ellen told this story and my brother was laughing so much he was in tears. Rob actually sounded concerned for him for a moment, I was too. That was kind of an isolating experience right there, as I couldn’t get into the story like the others. My brother gave me this book for appointments which is full of beautiful Japanese artworks:

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