A post about nothing.

This post I’m just gonna write about the events of what transpired in my day, today.

I was lying in bed for a while, contemplating whether I should do anything at all, as heavy showers and thunderstorms had been forecasted for the day. But I had an umbrella that I’d bought for cheap from Myer of all places, and decided to hell with it, I’ll go out and do stuff.


At least I’d get a shave from my beloved Royal Jim’s as a rather unattractive layer of stubble had begun to develop around my face. I just can’t grow a decent beard.


Initially it was a good decision to take the umbrella, as it began to rain heavily as I waited at the bus stop. I chatted briefly with this man I see quite often who walks his dogs every morning, he seems a bit of a weirdo but harmless, he told me he suffered from depression. He definitely seems a bit gloomy. I’ve considered asking him if he’d like to join me for lunch as he seems like a loner like me, but I keep forgetting to do so.


The umbrella is designed to protect me from the rain but stupidly while I sat myself down in the bus, I placed the umbrella on my pants, dowsing them with the umbrella’s rain water. Oops. Thankfully the sun came out, allowing my pants to dry off quickly.


I didn’t have to wait long to be attended to in the barbershop. All the women who work there are quite attractive – I wonder if it’s a stipulation or hiring policy with the company? Makes me think of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine feels aggreived when all the waitresses at Monk’s are well endowed.


The shave was very comfortable and smooth as usual. I think I’m their best customer, surely – I come in there every week for a shave! My skin is quite sensitive so I prefer not to do it, really.


Done with that, I headed directly across Chancery Lane into The Dispensary, easily one of my favourite restaurants in Bendigo. I think it’s my favourite atm, really. Their food never disappoints. And the service is so friendly.


On this occasion I had the fish of the day, which was swordfish, and once done with that, I tried some smoked cod. Both dishes were amazing. For drinks I had blue elephant cider, which was quite good, but the food definitely stole the show again.


Yesterday I’d explored the Botanical Gardens, which I’d really enjoyed, and today I was keen on checking out Lake Weeroona, Which many people spoke so highly of. You could reach it by catching one of Bendigo’s talking tram’s from the city center, and then disembarking at Nolan Street.


The tram ride was quite fun, as a novelty, and some of the historical information was surely fascinating, though I knew most of it, like the origin of the name Bendigo etc. It was cool riding in such an old fashioned tram. Some people on board got off at the Central Deborah Gold Mine for a tour, but I wasn’t interested, maybe another time.


I did get off when they reached the tram depot and terminal, and there was a gift shop where I bought some sunglasses which I was very pleased with. That break lasted 10 minutes or so, then we got back on and headed towards Joss House, which IIRC is a religious shrine or temple for the Chinese. Some opted to check it out, some didn’t; I couldn’t be bothered. Lake Weeroona was just around the corner and I was busy psyching myself up for some nature.


Myself and an old couple got off at the lake. Conditions were quite fine, it hadn’t rained at all since I left for home, and I was left dragging that umbrella, needlessly. That was really annoying.


But when I got to the lake, something amazing happened. I spotted this woman and her dog, but it wasn’t just any dog. It was my favourite breed, the Siberian Husky. Staggering over to her and hitting the record button, I asked her if it was, in fact, a husky, and I wasn’t in fact hallucinating. I shot a video of my encounter with the woman and her husky, will put it up.


At this point I’m thinking, well may as well leave, nothing will top that. And I’m kind of right, I do a lap around the lake, and I appreciate the exercise, and the trees are beautiful, everything is perfectly maintained and manicured, I shoot loads of pics and videos of ducks and various greenery, and the lake itself, but for me, it didn’t impress me as much as the Botanical Gardens. Still it’s a very nice place.

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