Yesterday was dramatic, today is just swell…

Yesterday I was planning on meeting Pam, a woman I’ve been speaking to over the past couple weeks. Unfortunately, when I reached the city, I was informed her appointment – she’s been experiencing some pain on one side of her face, and required a CT Scan to see what was going on – was taking longer than expected, so she asked me if it was OK if we rescheduled. This was a disappointment, but I had to accept it, so what now? We were set to meet at Eltham, on the Hurstbridge line, so I randomly hopped on that train anyway, just to see what that place was like.


Getting there itself was very interesting as I was totally unfamiliar with many of the station’s along the way, like Montmorency. In the future I may get off at one of these towns I know nothing about and explore it and see what wild Pokemon I can find, I mean, what lovely restaurants if any they may be hiding. Or what beautiful nature is hidden.


It took a while to get to Eltham, but once there, you had to pass through a tunnel to exit the station. Then you walked by a bus terminal that took you to places like Warrandyte, which is where Pam’s from. Warrandyte has lots of beautiful nature, along the Murray River. I was actually tempted right then to hop on the bus bjt I desisted, as I only had the nights medication with me. I’m a wuss. So I headed up what I presumed to be Eltham’s main street, looking for a place to have lunch.


Eventually I found this shop and inside, a woman on a phone. She put it down and I asked her if she knew of any really good restaurants around here. She had two suggestions, just walk ahead from here and turn right up the ramp, and there was another, more casual cafe, a little further ahead. I thanked her and left.


I turned right up the ramp, which ended up being the entrance to a small shopping mall. Almost immediately I was at the entrance of The Main restaurant cafe and bar. They greeted me nicely and was seated, and given some tap water.


I’m a big fan of Moscato wines and thankfully they had one on their drinks list, though I forget the name – hopefully I can find it, and I’ll do an edit of this entry. But it was gorgeous, so sweet but not too sweet, went down so easily. For my meal I jad their grass-fed porterhouse steak which was nice but in retrospect maybe I’d order something a bit lighter another time.


I didn’t see much to do in Eltham, aside from taking a couple photos of Arthur Street which is lined by some really beautiful trees, but after that I headed back towards tbe train station.


Once back in Melbourne, I walked through the CBD, through Swanston street, taking some photos, feeling somewhat empty, wanting to find something that would make my trip up here complete. So I figured buying stuff was the answer when I spotted JB Hi-Fi on Burke, and headed in.


The layout of the store is totally different from its Bendigo equivalent. It took me a bit to track down the bluray shelves. The most pleasing thing about my haul was the Cinema Cult titles they had in stock – quite a few I hadn’t seen at the Bendigo outlet.


Walking back towards Flinders St Station, I was pestered by I think three people handing out three religious pamphlets standing around St Paul’s Cathedral. Those people annoyed me so much. There was a guy with a megaphone too, blabbing about something.


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