The past couple days

The past couple days I’ve continued to explore some of the regional towns of Victoria, such as Castlemaine and Woodend. I have a few motivations for this. I’m a little overweight, and my legs are definitely getting stronger with this recent boost in activity levels.

I really enjoy photography too, and sharing my captures online across various platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. I admit it, as crude as it sounds, I’m a whore when it comes to getting likes. I don’t get much, but whenever someone gives me a like, I let loose a squeal of delight… well, maybe I don’t go that far, but it does make me happy.

Of my trips this week, Woodend was definitely the highlight. And I hadn’t even been planning on heading up there, I’d actually been thinking of checking out the Malmsbury Botanical Gardens instead, but I missed the train at Bendigo that would’ve taken me there.

Arriving at Woodend, I knew very little about the place. So I just explored and took photos of anything that caught my eye. At first I stopped off at the local Holgate Brewhouse for a cider, and then continued onwards.

I was fortunate, as not long afterwards, I stumbled upon a very beautiful trail that was an absolute photographic goldmine for me. I don’t think there’s any point describing in words this place when I can actually show it to you.



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