Meetup in Melbourne

Yesterday I went to this meetup group in Melbourne, I forget the name of it exactly, Conversations about books or something, but every month they pick a theme, such as “which obscure book do you think everyone should read?” or “if you could only save one book from your burning house, what would it be?” It actually made me regret not joining up with this group sooner, as I would’ve loved sharing with them a title like Heđin Brù’s The Old Man and his Son’s.

The theme this month was most disturbing book you’ve ever read, and I guess the one that springs to mind right away is Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho. Some of the descriptions in that book really got lodged in my skull and I swear made me nauseous. No way I could get through that.

But I decided not to make that my pick, as I thought someone else would bring it up at the discussion, and I was right about that. So I opted for something more ‘obscure’ to show off what a braniac, smartypants intellectual I was. I’m an idiot though.

So I talked about this non-fiction book I’d read a while ago called The Cult at the End of the World by David Kaplan and some other writer. They investigated the Japanese religious cult Aum Shinrikyo who released sarin gas into the Tokyo subway system, killing about 8 people and seriously injuring hundreds.

The meetup didn’t go very well, really. The Royal Melbourne Hotel is a lovely place and located conveniently just a few minutes walk away from Southern Cross, but the rooms we were allocated, the noise elsewhere filtered through and often we could hardly hear ourselves. Next time hopefully a better spot will be chosen. The Docklands library was mentioned as a potential option. I’ve been there once for an anime meetup.

The guy seeted opposite me looked like Pep Guardiola, who’s a football/soccer manager and former player for Barcelona if you don’t know.

I arrived way early, as is often the case, probably out of a fear of getting lost, but I was quite hungry so I ordered gnocchi ragu and yet another Moscato…


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