It’s oh so quiet… and I’m sorry about that.

Well I designed this page last year as part of a TAFE assignment, and I guess I dropped the ball when I finished at the end of the year, My teacher said I’d done a good job with the site, so I figured, what was the point of updating it?

Well, now I’m in the second year of my writing course, and the annoying thing is, we’ve got an assignment to design a website exactly like we did last year. But honestly, I can’t be fucked, and can you blame me? So I’m just going to add some extra touches to this one and present this to my new teacher, Peter Wiseman, who’s a very nice guy, but who has the misfortune of teaching all the really boring subjects.

Fortunately the other subjects are a lot better. For the most part I’m being kept busy by a manuscript, but I also have to work on a couple of short stories. Juggling these is quite tricky – the first short story is due next month, but I’ve been focusing on the manuscript as it’s such a monumental task, I’ve put 10,000 words into that and I figure the short stories won’t take so long… I hope.

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