Sing Street

Saw this a few months ago and enjoyed it so so much. Think I watched it again immediately afterwards, and then for a third occasion, I watched it with my parents.

It’s an Irish film, a musical coming of age comedy-drama it’s been described as, set in 1980s Dublin, about a family in crisis – Conor’s parents can’t stop fighting, and divorce is on the horizon, meanwhile Robert Lawlor, Conor’s Dad, is in financial turmoil with his business, so he moves his son from his prestigious private school to a new public school, which is of course a complete and utter madhouse.

But it is here that he meets Raphina, the stunning girl who he becomes instantly smitten with, and to impress her, he decides to start a band. Problem, though, he hasn’t got one, so with the help of his one and only friend, he goes around recruiting people for their new kick ass band.

Of course, it’s not so kick ass at first, it goes through some teething problems before it actually becomes kick ass, and the band really does kick ass, this movie has a fantastic soundtrack just dripping with ’80s feels, the whole movie has the look of that decade. Some artists featured in Sing Street include Joy Division, Duran Duran, The Cure, and some others I’m forgetting.

The plot isn’t terribly original but the characters are so likeable and the music so enjoyable, I personally didn’t care, and judging from the reviews, nor did the majority.