Meetup in Melbourne

Yesterday I went to this meetup group in Melbourne, I forget the name of it exactly, Conversations about books or something, but every month they pick a theme, such as "which obscure book do you think everyone should read?" or "if you could only save one book from your burning house, what would it be?" [...]

The past couple days

The past couple days I've continued to explore some of the regional towns of Victoria, such as Castlemaine and Woodend. I have a few motivations for this. I'm a little overweight, and my legs are definitely getting stronger with this recent boost in activity levels. I really enjoy photography too, and sharing my captures online [...]

Yesterday was dramatic, today is just swell…

Yesterday I was planning on meeting Pam, a woman I've been speaking to over the past couple weeks. Unfortunately, when I reached the city, I was informed her appointment - she's been experiencing some pain on one side of her face, and required a CT Scan to see what was going on - was taking [...]

A post about nothing.

This post I'm just gonna write about the events of what transpired in my day, today. I was lying in bed for a while, contemplating whether I should do anything at all, as heavy showers and thunderstorms had been forecasted for the day. But I had an umbrella that I'd bought for cheap from Myer [...]

A quote that’s resonated with me for so long

One of my favourite books is the young adult novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. It tells about high school freshman Melinda Sordino who at the beginning of the school year has been shunned by all of her friends, including her best friend, Rachel. It's not explained exactly what happened, except some incident occurred at [...]

Birthday weekend

On Saturday it was my 32nd birthday. For every special occasion, my brother chances to visit me and my parents from Melbourne, but this time he was bringing a dear friend of his, Rob. We assured him it was fine that he stayed with us, though I admit I was a bit nervous about meeting [...]